Helper functions for styling via RStudio Addins.


  • Set style: Select the style transformers to use. For flexibility, the user input is passed to the transformers argument, not the style argument, so entering styler::tidyverse_style(scope = "spaces") in the Addin is equivalent to styler::style_text("1+1", scope = "spaces") and styler::style_text("1+1", transformers = styler::tidyverse_style(scope = "spaces")) if the text to style is 1+1. The style transformers are memorized within an R session via the R option styler.addins_style_transformer so if you want it to persist over sessions, set the option styler.addins_style_transformer in your .Rprofile.

  • Style active file: Styles the active file, by default with tidyverse_style() or the value of the option styler.addins_style_transformer if specified.

  • Style selection: Same as Style active file, but styles the highlighted code instead of the whole file.

Auto-Save Option

By default, both of the RStudio Addins will apply styling to the (selected) file contents without saving changes. Automatic saving can be enabled by setting the R option styler.save_after_styling to TRUE. Consider setting this in your .Rprofile file if you want to persist this setting across multiple sessions. Untitled files will always need to be saved manually after styling.

Life cycle

The way of specifying the style in the Addin as well as the auto-save option (see below) are experimental. We are currently considering letting the user specify the defaults for other style APIs like style_text(), either via R options, config files or other ways as well. See r-lib/styler#319 for the current status of this.

See also

Other stylers: style_dir(), style_file(), style_pkg(), style_text()


if (FALSE) {
# save after styling when using the Addin
options(styler.save_after_styling = TRUE)
# only style with scope = "spaces" when using the Addin
val <- "styler::tidyverse_style(scope = 'spaces')"
  styler.addins_style_transformer = val