Using stylerignore markers, you can temporarily turn off styler. See a few illustrative examples below.


Styling is on by default when you run styler.

  • To mark the start of a sequence where you want to turn styling off, use # styler: off.

  • To mark the end of this sequence, put # styler: on in your code. After that line, styler will again format your code.

  • To ignore an inline statement (i.e. just one line), place # styler: off at the end of the line. Note that inline statements cannot contain other comments apart from the marker, i.e. a line like 1 # comment # styler: off won't be ignored.

To use something else as start and stop markers, set the R options styler.ignore_start and styler.ignore_stop using options(). If you want these settings to persist over multiple R sessions, consider setting them in your R profile, e.g. with usethis::edit_rprofile().


# as long as the order of the markers is correct, the lines are ignored. style_text( " 1+1 # styler: off 1+1 # styler: on 1+1 " )
#> #> 1 + 1 #> # styler: off #> 1+1 #> # styler: on #> 1 + 1
# if there is a stop marker before a start marker, styler won't be able # to figure out which lines you want to ignore and won't ignore anything, # issuing a warning. if (FALSE) { style_text( " 1+1 # styler: off 1+1 # styler: off 1+1 " ) }